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Seasoned Logs

We are pleased to recommend Winford Woodchip as our log supplier of choice. Not only do they consistently provide quality seasoned wood with low moisture content but they also deliver to your door free of charge.
Contact Matt to order a variety of quantities of logs and kindling.
Burning the correct logs is critical to the safe operation of your appliance. They MUST be seasoned, less than 20% moisture. How do you know that what you are buying is what it purports to be? Simple, get a moisture meter either from the stove shop or on ebay and you can tell if the logs are seasoned BEFORE they are delivered on your driveway! Any trustworthy supplier will welcome you testing their seasoned logs, they have nothing to hide.
If you don't burn seasoned logs you WILL tar up your flue or flexi liner risking a chimney fire and almost certainly leading to an expensive cleaning process to make you safe again.