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How much will a sweep cost you? The simple answer is that it depends on the work required. When you contact us we will quote you for your work. In the event that we need to clear bird or squirrel nests or there are other similar issues that increase the price we will ALWAYS speak to you first about any additions so you know what the cost will be. The vast majority of standard, annual, sweeping jobs we do cost £45-50. Unlined flues, large inglenooks, badly tarred flues and neglected flues usually are more expensive.
It takes on average between 45 mins and an hour to sweep and clean up so you should allow for this in your timing. Tea drinking afterwards is free of charge and not charged!
If we need to travel outside our normal catchment area for you then there may be a small cost increase to cover the ever spiralling fuel costs, once again we will quote you before we carry out any work.

We also operate a reminder service to help you. We will contact you at the relevant interval (depending on your appliance), usually by e-mail or phone, to ensure your re-sweeping is conducted in a timely manner.

You will get a certificate of sweeping as part of the service, which is necessary for insurance purposes.